Knowledge is Power! - Allods Quest -

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 Knowledge is Power!
Quest summary:

Collect 7 Historical Documents and return them to Anthropologist Marius in the Historians' Camp.

Rewards Money: 55 89

Quest start:

The most valuable thing in the world is knowledge.
When the vampires first invaded, the first think they did was try to steal our library! If they keep us in the dark, then they have more power over us!
We saved as much as we could, but it's not nearly enough! Please, while on your travels through Avilon, collect any and every document that you come across! It is of great importance!

Quest check:

Please! We need to find the chests containing our documents!

Quest finished:

Oh, how wonderful! Now we'll be able to research a way to extinguish our vampire plague.

Quick Facts

Req. Level:35
End NPC:Marius