To Laguna Boil! - Allods Quest -

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 To Laguna Boil!
Quest summary:

Kill Viktor Korleone in the heroic version of Laguna Boil and return to Maxim Bugov.

Rewards Money: 1 1 25

Quest start:

There's a place called Laguna Boil that's located in the Dead Sea, the region to the southeast of Igsh Military District. This place is the den of Viktor Korleone, the godfather of the Xadaganian mafia. He's planning to seize power over the entire Empire by using a special psychoactive substance that's capable of enslaving minds.
If he was successful everything that we've achieved over the past few years would be lost, everything! Every Imperial citizen would be reduced to worshipping this criminal. Do you want such a fate?
The only way to put an end to this threat would be to travel to Laguna Boil and kill Viktor Korleone. If you feel that you're a true hero that's capable of such a task, please accept this mission to put an end to this criminal.

Quest check:

Yasker has decreed that Korleone must die. All that's left is to carry out the sentence.

Quest finished:

So, the job is done. Even though we're constantly battling the League and the Astral demons, we need to remember to fight our internal enemies as well. Only then will we achieve absolute victory!

Quick Facts

Req. Level:38
End NPC:Maxim Bugov