Accelerating Construction: Six Builder's Runes - Allods Quest -

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 Accelerating Construction: Six Builder's Runes
Quest summary:

Bring 6 Builder's Runes to Yaver Yevgini at the Nezebgrad Port.

Rewards Money: 33 75

Quest start:

There is another way to accelerate the construction of your ship. You can find a special Builder's Rune in a place known as the "Allods Boutique". No one knows exactly how they work, but when they're placed on the raw materials, everything seems to build faster! It's as if they fall into place by themselves.
For each rune that you bring me, the construction of your ship can be reduced by one day. You can also bring me multiple of them at once if you choose.

Quest check:

So many people have been building Astral ships lately! I suppose I can't blame them - it is exciting out there.

Quest finished:

Excellent. I will see to it that these are used on your ship immediately.

Quick Facts

Req. Level:38
End NPC:Yaver Yevgini