In the Name of Love - Allods Quest -

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 In the Name of Love
Quest summary:

Semer Akhenaten wants you to admit to the Spirit of Resolve that he is the one to blame for attempting to sabotage the Performance.

Rewards Money: 33 75

Quest start:

If I don't at least try to protect you from angering Gipat's "Lords" from that goblin stunt of yours, I will let down my values. Tell the dragon spirit that I am in charge of the underground organization.
I finally want to open my heart to you. Even when I was an ordinary human, I fell in love with a girl. Then our tribe crumbled. After many years we have risen… And my love to Nefertiti resurrected with me.
Memory is what differs us from the undead. Memories about what it is like to be alive and flourishing. Like a phoenix from its ashes, we are reborn from the memory of our love. Love doesn't depend on hormones and passionate lust. It is eternal.
I hoped to find my Nefertiti here where loving hearts of Junes have long ago united. But I failed. I prey, if you meet her somewhere along your Path, deliver my eternal love to her!

Quest finished:

What a fool! How could Semer ever be fit as a rebel leader? His weak-minded self won't help anybody.
Lover of Zem! What other curses will you will bring upon us? World Prisoners? Orc Researchers? Goblin Poets? Elven Altruists and non-drinking Gibberlings?!
Your absurd attempts to help him disrupt the Performance has only clouded your judgment. We all knew and did not want to interfere. Sometimes the shortest way to the realize the truth is an attempt to escape from it. We let you act in opposition, but it time to stop playing. We need you… All of you to finish your Paths!

Quick Facts

Req. Level:40