The Allod of Avilon - Allods Quest -

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 The Allod of Avilon
Quest summary:

Go to Avilon and search for the judicial officers of the Empire.

Rewards Money: 44 71

Quest Items and Rewards:
Portal Key

Quest start:

The Historians are hiding out on the allod of Avilon, home to the aviak tribe - a bizarre winged species. Actually, we've already deployed a team of court officers to arrest the Historians.
But their ship still hasn't returned and I'm afraid it never reached its destination. Go to Avilon and look for the officers there. And try not to quarrel with the aviaks - those bird- men are quite skilled in warfare.

Quest finished:

Our own ships were destroyed by the demons and sent just about everybody into a panic, thinking that we're doomed to certain death. For many, your ship is a ticket out of here. But some of us won't be going anywhere! We'll stay here and fight until we can't fight anymore, for it is better to die free to than live in prison! What do the League and the Empire have in store for us? Only humiliation, interrogation, and torture!

Quick Facts

Req. Level:35
End NPC:Chamomile Family