For the Glory of the Warriors! - Allods Quest -

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 For the Glory of the Warriors!
Quest summary:

Fight on behalf of the warriors and defeat the leader of the shamans' duelists. When you are victorious, report to Feather the Thicket.

Rewards Money: 1 57

Quest start:

Do you want to fight on the side of the warriors? Ha, I knew you were the type that couldn't resist the call of battle!
Your job is to kill the leader of the shamans. Simple, isn't it? Do that, and victory is yours. Just remember that he will try to kill you as well…
If you take him down, talk with my assistant. She will put your name on the list of champions.

Quest check:

Another battle, isn't that great? But despite our ways, the Orcs are one of the oldest races in the world!

Quest finished:

Congratulations! Let me get your name on the list of champions. Thanks to you the score is 756:755 in favor of the warriors!

Quick Facts

Req. Level:6