The Astral Mines - Allods Quest -

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 The Astral Mines
Quest summary:

Defuse the 6 Astral Mines and report to Crazystorm the Merciless, the leader of the Imperial Sentinels.

Rewards Money: 3 48

Quest Items and Rewards:
Weather-Proof Bracers
Citizen's Mitts
Warcry Mitts
Nightwatcher's Gloves

Quest start:

This debacle is approaching its conclusion. The saboteurs are threatening to blow up the XAES if we don't meet their demands. They must be prevented from doing this - by you. Are you the Imperial Survivor or what? Right now you'll have to survive again, for we don't have any other choice.
You will infiltrate the power plant via the ancient Zem catacombs. Once you're inside, locate the 6 Astral Mines the saboteurs have set. Defuse them and then come back. You can report your success directly to Crazystorm the Merciless, the leader of the Imperial Sentinels.
I don't need to tell you how important this mission is. You know what the power plant means to the entire Empire. And I'm pretty sure that this will look great on your resume, so get over there and get it done!

Quest check:

There is no task more important than resolving the crisis at the power plant… Argh! Damn this job! What I really want to do is storm into the plant myself, eliminate those Kanian bastards, and defuse those damn mines!

Quest finished:

Let me give you a good pat on the back, soldier! People like you are the backbone of the Empire! Hurray! Glory and honor to the hero!!

Quick Facts

End NPC:Crazystorm the Merciless