Sabotage the Construction Site - Allods Quest -

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 Sabotage the Construction Site
Quest summary:

Sneak into the Imperial goblin camp and kill 8 Imperial Supervisors for the Gallant Family in the League camp.

Rewards Money: 36 46

Quest start:

The Empire has been sending more and more spies into our camp to try carry out sabotage missions, like burning tents and poisoning our water.
Is this their idea of war? They should be ashamed of themselves!
Our hearts are heavy with this decision, but we are forced to ask you to visit the enemy camp and give them a taste of their own medicine.
The perfect sabotage is already waiting for you. The Empire has decided to erect a wall around their camp and they've got goblins doing the building. But the moment we kill off their supervisors, the goblin workers will disperse from the site in a matter of seconds!

Quest check:

The Empire will regret the day they recruited goblins!

Quest finished:

Their construction has been shut down. Hurray! Let this unfinished wall remain on the plateau as a monument to Imperial arrogance!

Quick Facts

End NPC:Gallant Family