The Green Peace - Allods Quest -

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 The Green Peace
Quest summary:

Plant 8 Druid's Seeds in the Fertile Soil and return to Stepan Pimenov.

Rewards Money: 4 72

Quest Items and Rewards:
Flimsy Bandage

Quest start:

You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs or build a city without chopping down a few trees. But wood chips don't grow into new trees by themselves, that's for sure.
I'm a druid, a guardian of nature. Like an injured tree bursts forth resin and sap, my heart bursts into tears when I see the scandalous deeds of these lumberjacks.
Nobody thinks about the future! They all live from day to day. Do they think about what we're going to use for building one hundred years from now? No, none of them!
Only the Green Peace druids do. We are an organization of druids that care about maintaining the balance of nature, and I am one of its representative.
Here, take these seeds. My request is a simple one - plant the seeds in piles of fertile soil, wait a hundred years, and bang - you'll have a beautiful tree to admire. The sooner you start, the earlier you get the results. Once you've planted all the seeds, come back to me for a generous reward.

Quest check:

There are three things a druid must do in his life - plant a tree, nurse an animal, and build a home. I'm currently at stage one.

Quest finished:

These trees will grow here in honor of the Green Peace! By the way, don't forget to tell everyone about our new organization. We've only just started our activities, or, to put it more accurately, I've only just started my activities…
But in the future, Green Peace will be a huge success! Oho, such great things will be done! Oh yes, I almost forgot - here's your well-deserved reward!

Quick Facts

Req. Level:5
End NPC:Stepan Pimenov