Visiting the Allods Boutique - Allods Quest -

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 Visiting the Allods Boutique
Quest summary:

Bring one "For" token and one "Against" token to the Novograd Guide. They are located in the Allods Boutique which can be accessed from the icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen.

Quest start:

Hear ye! Hear ye!
This week the Great Mage Aidenus has decreed that all citizens of the League will be able to vote on the newest laws that govern our great country! Noble or common born, elf or Gibberling, get yourself to the polls and voice your opinion! Remember that only citizens that are registered will be allowed to cast their votes.
What, you aren't registered? I'm afraid you won't be able to vote then. It takes weeks to process the paperwork you know. Well, since you can't help the League by voicing your opinion, you can do one other thing.
You see, we're almost out of voting tokens! If you could go get me a couple, you'd be doing your part to help this great country by letting someone else use them! Where can you find them? Why, in the Allods Boutique of course!

Quest check:

Do you have the ballots?

Quest finished:

Thank you for bringing the tokens to me. The voice of the people is always important!

Quick Facts

Req. Level:9
End NPC:Novograd Guide