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 June Steles
Quest summary:

Test the Chipped Artifact on the Brittle Stele and the Fragile Stele and return to Luc de Blizare.

Rewards Money: 47

Quest Items and Rewards:
Keys to the Mind
Thieves' Guild Medallion

Quest start:

We've managed to activate the June golems with the help of that artifact. Now why don't we test the artifact on the other June ruins - the ones on the Dark Shards? Our scouts report that there are two, one on each of the Dark Shards.
You won't find any golems there and we don't yet know the specific function of those steles. However, it's entirely possible that they could help us in our struggle against the vampires and demons.
Any one of our Aviak scouts will gladly carry you over to one of the Dark Shards, but you'll have to get to the other shard via a portal once you're there. Now go - we don't have time to waste!

Quest check:

You need to get to those steles! I know that the area is teeming with vampires and demons, but they're no match for you! I have faith in you and eagerly await your results.

Quest finished:

It seems my initial assumptions were right. The steles on the Dark Shards are military objects that are activated by the ancient June artifact. The stele on the eastern side boosts your power, while the stele on the western side drains power from your enemies. Both are quite useful in battle!
This is valuable information. The Aviaks are planning an attack on the Dark Shards, so the magical properties of the steles will surely come in handy when we start to drive the enemy off our allod!

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