The Basics of Leatherworking - Allods Quest -

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 The Basics of Leatherworking
Quest summary:

Bring 10 Leather Bridles to the Raw Family.

Rewards Money: 34

Quest start:

Oh, we've just got a new order coming in! Novograd urgently needs leather bridles for the army's new horses. There's plenty of work to do.
Perhaps you can help us? Making a bridle is quite simple. It's a task even a novice can do, I assure you. Why don't you give it a shot and bring us back ten once you've figured it out.

Quest check:

Even six hands aren't enough! And how are you handling that order for those leather bridles? Ohohoho…

Quest finished:

Oh, thank you! I'm sure those horses will be pretty happy with this work.

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